IP Video Doorphone

IP Video Doorphone

Audio and visual monitoring for increase security

IP Video Doorphone

Deeper Understanding

Whether managing a residential or commercial property, an IP video doorphone is a vital tool in screening access and helping to ensure security of the location.

With two-way audio communication and visual images through an adjustable video camera and HR-viewer software application verbal and visual identification of an individual is made easy.

NEC's IP Video Doorphone offers

  • Audio and visual monitoring of doors/gates which increases security on residential or commercial premises.
  • Visual monitoring from any networked PC.
  • Two-way audio communication between visitor and administrators with the use of their desktop phone handset.
  • Remote control of assigned entry point.
  • The elimination for personnel to be physically stationed at an assigned entry point.
  • Fast response time to visitors and service personnel that require access.


What are you doing to ensure the security of your premises?

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