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NEC's UNIVERGE SP350 Softphone unifies communications by embedding voice business processes to bring employees the instant access and information they require. This versatile tool delivers an extensive array of high-quality video, audio, voice and text features.

Able to be installed on a personal computer or laptop, SP350 provides high-quality voice communications using a USB-connected headset/ handset. Users can use it as a primary desktop telephone, as a supplemental desktop phone or as a remote telecommuting device.

When linked together across an NEC IP network, SP350 users can collaborate and interact with each other in various innovative ways:

  • Audio and videoconferencing offers easy set-up and participation in conference calls.
  • Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Thin Client enablement (with UNIVERGE SV9500 deployment).
  • Instant Message/Chat helps users correspond in real time.
  • File Transfer provides an easy method to send one or more files.
  • Call Log enables employees to store information about outgoing/incoming calls and missed calls, as well as files on any recorded calls.
  • Call Record helps users keep a recording of calls as well as measure performance, improve training, ensure compliance and evaluate overall performance

Software Assurance

Software Assurance is NEC's software subscription and support program, specially designed to protect technology investments, ensure software is always current and provide software lifecycle management.

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