USB Handset – UTR-1W-1

Audio connectivity for NEC softphone users

USB Handset

Communication Adaptability

NEC's USB Handset (UTR-1W-1) plugs directly into a USB port on any desktop computer or laptop and lets users perform the same functions as they do on a standard IP desktop phone.

The USB Handset uses wideband CODECs for the truest possible speech reproduction. The result is crystal-clear audio.

The UBS offers:

  • Four (4) programmable feature keys.
  • A lamp for notification of voice mails and incoming calls.
  • An easy-to-read numeric dial pad.
  • A connector for plugging in a headset.
  • The ability to switch between the handset and headset, either through the desktop or a function key on the handset.

Softphone Compatibility

NEC's USB Handset (UTR-1W-1) is designed to provide audio connectivity to users of NEC softphone.



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