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Why Our Solutions For Smart Enterprise

To thrive in today's fast and ever-changing business environment, it is essential to build a culture based on innovation, cost efficiency, superior productivity and meaningful customer experiences.

Pursuing and embracing these key principles makes the difference between transforming and remaining relevant to playing catch-up and possibly losing opportunities to the competition.

We Are Committed To Moving Enterprises Forward

Rapidly innovating and overcoming challenges and creating new opportunities become easier through increased productivity and a more responsive and social workforce with our solution portfolio for the smart enterprise.

What Does Smart Enterprise Mean

For a company to operate smarter and be considered a Smart Enterprise, NEC recommends focusing on 4 key objectives - what we define as the Value Pillars for the Smart Enterprise - to achieve the dexterity to function proficiently and support crucial security and safety practices.

These Value Pillars center on:

Collaborative Communities
Productive teamwork for better workplace productivity, customer experiences and business results.

Business Agility
A mobile workforce optimally responsive to customers and business changes.

Cloud Delivery
Flexible on-demand premise, cloud
and hybrid deployment models.

Assured Services
Business continuity and data security ensured by a highly available secure IT environment.

Why NEC For Smart Enterprise

Fulfilling The Need

With our portfolio for smart enterprise, NEC helps organizations regardless of type and size to operate more effectively by optimizing operational practices, driving workforce collaboration and creating competitive advantages through enhanced customer interaction.

The Time Is Now

When committed to Smart Enterprise practices, significant synergies can be established to integrate communications and business applications with a solid IT infrastructure.

The result is a resilient, agile and predictive organization that operates cost efficiently while providing better services using the latest business applications. Employees gain full command of their own work environment to function more productively and provide customers with tailored enhanced experiences.

By embracing solutions for Smart Enterprise, organizations can:

Embrace the digital era with IT empowered business practices.

Promote always, everywhere employee involvement to drive productivity.

Enhance business networks for improved operational flexibility and efficiencies.

Escalate customer engagement models to foster and drive customer value.

How NEC Makes Smart Enterprise Possible

With one of the industry's strongest and most innovative portfolio of solutions, we unleash the potential of the Smart Enterprise with new approaches in how communications and IT services are delivered and managed. Our solutions are built on 120 years of excellence and expertise and our scalable tactics help to improve the way people live, work and communicate.

Our portfolio for smart enterprise includes:

Biometrics &

Immigration Control
Facial Recognition
Finger Print Recognition
Video Surveillance

Servers &

Grid Backup
High Availability Clustering

Analytics &
Big Data

Managed Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Financial Performance Management
Data Warehousing
Big data & Analytics Solutions for IoT

Software Defined Networking
Data Center & Campus Networking
IT Automation
Network Virtualization
Private Cloud Networking

Internet of Things
End-Point Management
Leak Sensors
Pipeline Management
Traffic Counters
People Counters

Voice & UC
Contact Center
Managed Services

Single Source
Leasing Flexibility
Technology Credit Line
Structured Solutions
Maintenance Financing

Retail Systems
Point of Sale
Inventory Management
Digital Signage

UC & C
Web RTC & Unified Communications
Contact Center
Emergency Notification
Wireless & Mobility
Video Conferencing

Broadband Systems
Optical Networking
Microwave Networking
Micro Cell
Submarine Cable Networking

Smart Workplace: The Keystone Of Our Solutions For Smart Enterprise

The hub of any Smart Enterprise is the Smart Workplace. It is an environment where employees are empowered to use any device or mode to get their job done, are readily available when needed, have direct access to secure reliable information and are fully immersed in the business process.

With the Smart Workplace, transformational capabilities are realized such as:

For Employees
A robust, customizable and responsive work environment with anytime, anywhere access, instant collaboration, assured services and better outcomes.
For IT Teams
Highly available and reliable IT ecosystems with operational efficiency and security that assure flexible deliverables.
For Customers
An immediate, personalized and positive experience with always accessible, consistent experiences based on real-time interaction and quick results.

A More Responsive Enterprise

Today's fast paced business environment demands high performance organizations where employees can act quickly and function effectively. This requires adaptive solutions that free workers from conventional constraints and enable them to achieve a new level in responsiveness. This mean:

Empowering the workforce
Providing mobile devices and apps for reliable access anytime and anywhere to people, data and feature-rich applications.

Escalating team collaboration
Supporting collaborative tools that seamlessly encourage connectivity and productivity without lags in responsiveness or teamwork.

Achieving continuous availability
Deploying distributed and load-balanced services architecture to avoids overloads and lost service to optimize reliability and availability.

Becoming user-centric
Using intuitive tools that ensure user adoptability to drive productivity and provide richer colleague and customer experiences.

Becoming Cloud-Enabled

Companies that want to prosper need connected environments that are flexible enough to adapt quickly as needed. This requires promoting knowledge sharing across distributed environments while maintaining a reliable, continuous yet protected network infrastructure. This means:

Delivering on-demand services
Committing to modular applications and flexible cost structures for scalable deployment and business processes.

Achieving balanced delivery
Exploring hybrid cloud operations that cross private premise and public cloud infrastructure for quick, easy and economic scaling.

Providing consistent experiences
Supporting applications designed for cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment that are right-sized to actual use for seamless and tailored user experiences.

Deploying a holistic approach
Becoming service orientated and software driven to enable faultless integration, rapid rollouts and simplified management.

Fostering Alliances

Companies wanting to operate smarter must cultivate an environment of cooperation and co-creation. This involves removing the barriers that prevent collaboration replacing them with shared openness and transparency. This means:

Advancing interaction
Galvanizing fragmented knowledge workers with rich presence, shared workspaces and collaborative tools to bring disparate and dispersed teams together.

Pooling available talent
Increasing the speed and quality of responses to internal or external inquiries to promote faster and better outcomes.

Enriching user experiences
Championing rich mobile clients and web-oriented applications for reliable and intuitive user interaction.

Embracing social integration
Leveraging tools that integrate social media and networking to support reactive customer-focused strategies.

Mission-critical Assurances

For a truly productive environment, organizations must deliver uninterrupted and easy access to tools and services. Enterprises need to automate, virtualize and simplify to continuously perform at their highest capabilities. This means:

Assuring expanded access
Providing secured and load-balanced clients that ensure access to services across a distributed enterprise environment.

Virtualizing and beyond
Steamlining with virtualization management and monitoring to structure service governance and adaptability to changing demands.

Safeguarding continuity
Committing to lock-step fault tolerance intelligence and secured data storage to protect critical data and around the clock operations.

Resilient adaptive networks
Centralizing and automating control of the network to eliminate fragile and complex protocols and manual, error-prone processes.


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