UNIVERGE Integration Platform

UNIVERGE® Integration Platform (UIP)

Dynamically designs, manages and streamlines workflows

UNIVERGE Integration Platform

Connect - Integrate - Manage

Streamline Processes & Workflows Across An Organization

Work has changed and customers, employees and partners demand ever shorter response times, faster innovation and higher service levels. Smart enterprises are adopting digital workplace strategies to create rich and connected customer and employee experiences that respond adequately to these rising expectations.

NEC's UIP is software that interconnects disparate systems to become your own centrally managed application network. It seamlessly bridges IT and communications infrastructures, integrates applications, data, devices and services, enabling organizations to dynamically design, manage and streamline workflows.

Business Process Management & Re-engineering At Your Fingertips

NEC's UIP intelligent software allows you to design workflows through simple Drag & Drop actions. Design, test and deploy. Explore alternatives that would otherwise be unthinkable. UIP's intelligent interface makes this simple and straightforward, but also fast and flexible - with striking results to your business agility and performance!


  • The physical level to connect network devices, terminals and sensors.
  • The application level, where adapters with modern APIs interconnect innovative applications, unlock data and drive business agility.
  • The integration level to design meaningful workflows in a swift and flexible manner.


  • The intelligent graphic interface lets your teams design customized workflows fully aligned with your business processes.
  • Choose from a vast array of adapters and simply Drag & Drop to interconnect them.
  • Events can execute triggers based on parameters and filters which then kick off workflows.


  • Connects any application/data source and enables complete Application Programming Interface (API) management - whether in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid environment.
  • Boosts employee engagement, customer satisfaction and your company's state-of-the-art reputation.
  • Provides a platform for further innovation and new services.

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC)

Achieving greater safety, connectivity and productivity with a customized approach to communications and accessibility

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