Vector Engine Processor


NEC's Vector Engine Processor

Built on the successful evolution of the company's SX-series of vector supercomputers, NEC's SX-Aurora TSUBASA Vector Engine processor installs in a x86 CPU based server and provides outstanding computational efficiency and consequently high sustained performance.

Vector Engine Processor:

  • Integrates eight vector-cores and 48 GB of high bandwidth memory (HBM2) providing a peak performance of up to 3.07 TeraFLOPS
  • Achieves outstanding memory bandwidth of up to 1.53 TB/s per CPU and the latency-hiding effect of the vector architecture

Vector Engine Processor Core Arithmetic Unit:

  • Has peak performance of up to 3.07 TeraFLOPS
  • Executes 32 double precision floating point operations per cycle with its vector registers holding 256 floating point values
  • With 3 fused-multiply-add units (FMA) each core has a peak performance of 192 FLOP per cycle or up to 307 GigaFLOPS (double precision)

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