Fast, accurate and easy-to-use finger imaging matching


Fingerprint Identification

NEC’s FastID verifies and identifies an individual by capturing one or multiple finger images and comparing against a self-contained or regional database through a highly scalable and customizable system capable of delivering immediate and trusted results.

FastID offers

  • Patented 1:1 verification and 1:N identification with maximum speed and accuracy.
  • AFIS quality finger image capture support for single and multiple finger image matching.
  • QualityCheck™ technology ensuring database and image integrity.
  • Comprehensive user and administrative reports to track user activities easily.
  • Simple system administration controls.
  • Commercial off-the-shelf hardware eliminating the need to invest in proprietary hardware.
  • Open architecture allows seamless interface with existing systems.

Additional Capabilities

Applicable Uses:
  • Identity confirmation of individuals of interest.
  • Identity confirmation of an inmate prior to release or during transfer between facilities.
  • Identity confirmation of an offender during court procedures.
FastID Key Components:
  • Desktop computer: Windows® PC
  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows®
  • Monitor: 19" LCD monitor
  • Scanner: Single-finger scanner
  • FastID software

NIST Validated

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) matching algorithm recognition benchmarks have consistently proven that NEC's biometric technologies have the fastest and most accurate face and fingerprint recognition algorithm and have the most resilient facial recognition technologies to viewing low angles, low resolution images and poor image quality.
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