NEC Meeting Center

NEC Meeting Center

A premise-based audio conferencing and web collaboration solution

NEC Meeting Center

Better Connectivity

The NEC Meeting Center is a secure and comprehensive collaboration solution that enables real-time sharing and the exchange of information between colleagues and customers.

Equipped with meet-me audio, dial-out Firebar conferencing and web and video collaboration in one complete solution alleviates the need and the expense of deploying multiple unique applications and the need to manage across multiple vendors.

Applicable Uses

With the ability to securely connect individuals from geographically diverse locations
NEC Meeting Center is suited to occasions where the transfer and sharing of information is essential, such as:




NEC Meeting Center offers

  • Improved outcomes with real-time information sharing for faster and better informed decision making.
  • Better collaboration among colleagues especially among organizations with a geographically dispersed workforce.
  • Reduced travel costs through the ability to remain connected through real-time access and communication.
  • Operational cost savings by eliminating monthly recurring charges for hosted solutions.

Reach Select Groups Of People Quickly

Whether you need to reach a group of first responders quickly during an emergency or have a weekly scheduled call with a group of your colleagues, NEC Meeting Center’s Dial-Out (Firebar) conferencing can meet your requirements. It allows the server to call a pre-determined group of people and upon off-hook place them into an audio conference. It provides flexibility to reach a group of people via voice, email, and SMS text and if necessary pull them into an impromptu audio conference.

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC)

Achieving greater safety, connectivity and productivity with a customized approach to communications and accessibility

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