Workforce Optimization &: Recording Suite

Workforce Optimization & Recording

A suite of applications for recording, 360° quality management and analytical understanding

Workforce Optimization &: Recording Suite

Messaging Management

NEC's Workforce Optimization and Recording from dysAnalytics®, known as dysAnalytics Encore, goes beyond the basics by delivering greater communications insight.

Integration software captures conversations along with desktop activity that occurs during a telephone call and stores the information into libraries that can be further segmented into playlists for quick retrieval and review.

Deeper Understanding

With dvsAnalytics Encore's innovative analytics features, organizations and assigned personnel gain access to intuitive recording libraries, customizable search playlists and call and screen recordings.

By turning unstructured, unsearchable voice communications into structured, searchable data, organizations gain valuable insight into interactions. Encore can even be applied to monitor core initiatives that are phoned in, such as:

Newly processed orders

Cancelled subscriptions

Promotional code references

Key Features

Encore Community
A comprehensive enterprise workforce management solution that delivers everything needed to forecast, schedule and manage call staff.
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Encore VoIP Call Recording
A complete software-based and intuitive recording and quality management solution which records calls in all IP environments, making it both simple and cost effective.
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Encore Quality Management
Delivers the tools to create and perform evaluations of recorded contacts, measures agent performance and creates evaluator reports.
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Encore Speech Analytics
Both desktop and speech analytics help managers and evaluators zero in on key recordings for review through the use of key phrases or lack thereof.
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Encore Live Monitor
Delivers the ability to listen to calls in real-time from anywhere, discern who to monitor and attach verbal coaching to the conversations.
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Encore Lite - SMB Call Recording
A comprehensive, affordable recording and quality management solution designed specifically for small to midsize businesses utilizing the UNIVERGE® SV9100 communications platform.
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