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Introducing NEC's DIgital ID For

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Biometric Digital IDs have transformative applications in the Casinos and Gambling industry, substantially improving user verification, security, transaction validation, and gaming personalization.

These solutions can enhance the user experience, fortify security, and easily ensure regulatory compliance by leveraging mobile devices.

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NEC's authentication solution is designed to meet and surpass the diverse needs of the Casino and Gambling industry.

  • Superior Precision: Leveraging advanced algorithms and deep learning, our facial recognition technology offers an impressive accuracy rate that exceeds industry benchmarks. This bolsters the integrity of player identification and verification, significantly mitigating the risks associated with fraudulent access or underage gambling.
  • Effortless Integration: Our solution smoothly integrates into existing gaming platforms and infrastructure, ensuring a quick and efficient implementation process. Our expert team works alongside you, tailoring the solution to meet your unique gaming requirements and regulatory standards.
  • Refined Gaming Experience: By substituting conventional authentication methods like passwords with facial biometrics, players experience seamless, quick, and secure access to their accounts and games. This reduces the potential frustration linked with forgotten credentials and enhances the gaming experience.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Acknowledging the stringent regulatory demands of the Casino and Gambling industry, NEC's biometric solution aligns with industry-specific regulations such as GDPR, KYC, and other gaming legislation, thus assuring data privacy and facilitating regulatory compliance.
NEC Authentication

Digital ID - Casinos

Biometric Digital IDs have transformative applications in the Casinos and Gambling industry.

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Digital ID - Overview

Harnessing advanced facial recognition technology for reliable identity authentication and authorization.


Revolutionizing Casino Security: NEC's Biometric Solutions for Safer Gambling Environments

Application of Biometrics and Digital ID

Application of Biometrics and Digital ID

Biometrics lets you build your base of users with confidence. Each account holder has one face, and the biometric formula derived from that face will be recognized if the user tries to open another account under a different email login name and email address.

Some states use the same technology to prevent identity fraud when evaluating new driver's licenses and social service benefits requests.

Award-winning NEC biometrics algorithms and the NEC platform are far more reliable than typical device-based systems, which can be circumvented. If a user loses their phone, re-establishing secure accounts on the new device is faster with NEC biometric verification.

How It Works

NEC's identity services integrate with your app, where the user sets up their Digital Token.

The user can use several fintech apps but has only one profile for each, based on the unique Digital Token.

Authenticating the biometric Digital Token stored on each user's phone with the encryption key on the NEC Digital Platform means they are protected even if your database is breached. Hackers can't make fraudulent transactions.

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The Digital Token is stored on their phone, not your centralized server, so it cannot be stolen in a data breach.

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Once a Digital Token is established via an app, the same unique Digital Token is used for all apps enabled by NEC identity services.

Use Cases and Benefits

NEC's authentication solution addresses and enhances these use cases, offering a seamless, safe, and personalized gaming experience. The usage of Biometric Digital ID on mobile devices in the Casino and Gambling industry enhances accessibility, security, and efficiency.

Here's how it can be employed:

  • Mobile Account Registration: When creating an account, the user can provide their biometric data, such as a selfie, as part of the registration process. This data can be matched with their photo ID to ensure the identity and age criteria are met.
  • Authentication: Users can quickly authenticate their identity using their biometric data on subsequent log-ins. This provides a seamless and secure experience and prevents unauthorized access. Users can use their faces to authenticate themselves.
  • Bonus Abuse: Through the use of a “one face, one bonus” program, sites can instantly reduce players that seek to compromise bonus programs at sites. NEC’s technology can even scan an existing database of players to see if a single face is tied to multiple accounts to help eliminate this type of abuse.
  • Transaction Verification: To enhance the security of financial transactions, biometrics can be used to authenticate payments or account changes. This can add an extra layer of protection for transactions, minimizing the risk of financial fraud.
  • Gameplay Personalization: Users’ preferences and habits can be remembered and used to customize their experience, such as suggesting their favorite games or bet amounts.
  • Responsible Gambling: Biometric Digital ID can enforce Self-exclusion schemes more effectively. If a user decides to self-exclude, their biometric data can be used to block access to their account.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Using biometric data can help comply with regulatory requirements, providing a robust mechanism for age verification and identity confirmation. This is especially critical where Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations must be followed.

Given its sensitivity, ensuring that users' biometric data is handled securely and responsibly is essential. When using biometric digital IDs, companies must provide data privacy, secure storage, and proper consent mechanisms.

Why NEC Biometrics

Why NEC Biometrics

Stop SIM swap fraud, bonus abuse, data breaches, and one-time passwords with one identity services solution. Integrating NEC Mobile SDK saves time and money.

NEC’s biometrics algorithms are rated #1 for speed and accuracy by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It leads the industry in verification across demographics and with the nose and mouth covered by a face mask. Liveness detection to prevent spoofing is built into the NEC digital identification Platform.

NEC maintains its standing as a pioneer and innovator in the biometrics and digital identity services space by continually investing in and improving its algorithm with a robust R&D budget.

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