Cost-Effective Seamless Integration with PMS Systems

Complete Integration without Costly Middleware

Create a seamless experience for your hotel’s guests and staff with NEC’s PMS-InConnect. Connect your communications with some of the most widely used Property Management Systems (PMS) including Opera®, Protel®, Brilliant®, OnQ® (from Hilton® Worldwide) and Hotsoft®.

Using InFIAS as the building block – PMS-InConnect allows FIAS, OnQ, & Hotsoft connection – a range of always-on, built-in In-Apps which run on NEC’s UNIVERGE® SV9100 and SL2100 communications platforms 24/7. Ideal for a wide range of hotels, PMS-InConnect accommodates hotels from 5 to 500 rooms.

PMS-InConnect Offers

  • Seamless integration with your PMS – connects directly, works instantly
  • Elimination of costs for middleware installation, hardware, software, and maintenance
  • Easier guest billing through fast and accurate creation of bills on checkout
  • More automated admin tasks to streamline guests’ check-in and check-out
  • Smarter hotel management through the increase of efficiency of your operations and teams for a more profitable hotel

A Prepackaged Option

PMS-InConnect is part of NEC’s In-Apps solutions and is a built-in/embedded application for use on either of NEC’s highly reliable SV9100 communications platform or SL2100 communications system.

Browser-based and available 24/7, PMS-InConnect is an extremely cost-effective solution – no extra PC or server required and data is stored on the CPU. Saving on both hardware and IT maintenance.


Looking for an easy and cost-effective integration with of your hotel’s telephony and PMS?

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