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Fault Tolerant/General Purpose Servers Collateral


DX2000 Introduction
Highly Available Virtualized SQL Server Applications - Webinar
How NEC Is Solving Server-Side Stress
How to Achieve 100% Uptime for Virtualized Applications
Introduction to NEC's Fault Tolerant Server
Keeping Cloud-based Services Up and Running
Large-Scale Server Database Consolidation
NEC FT Servers Video by ESG
Simply Affordable 99.999% Availability for Virtual Server Environments
The Path to the Five 9's of Availability for SQL Server

White Papers

Principled Technologies Test Report: Fault Tolerance Performance
Principled Technologies Test Report: Fault Tolerance Ease of Setup
ESG Lab Summary: TCO Analysis- Simply Affordable 99.999% Availability for Virtual Server Environments(Short version)
ESG Lab Summary: TCO Analysis- Simply Affordable 99.999% Availability for Virtual Server Environments(Full version)
NEC Hardware-based FT vs Software-based FT
NEC Fault Tolerant Introduction
Fault Tolerant: Building More Security into Building Security: How FT Servers Reduce Risk and Lowers Costs for Access Control
The Path to Five 9s for SQL Server
IDC: Highly Reliable Server Required in Datacenter: FT Server is a Key Solution


NEC Express5800 Servers Portfolio Guide
NEC Fault Tolerant Server for Hyper-V
NEC Fault Tolerant Server for VMware
Powerful, Reliable Servers for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012

Case Studies

Altamont Springs (FL) Police Dept.
Lidera Network
Lycoming County (PA) Department of Public Safety
Mifflin County (PA) Office of Public Safety
Progressive Stamping

Configuration Guides

Express5800/R110h-1 Configuration Guide
Express5800/R110i-1 Configuration Guide
Express5800/R120g-1M Configuration Guide
Express5800/R120g-2E Rich Storage
Express5800/R120g-2M Configuration Guide
Express5800/R120h-2M Configuration Guide
Express5800/R320e-E4 Configuration Guide Windows model
Express5800/R320e-M4 Configuration Guide Windows model
Express5800/R320f Configuration Guide Windows model
Express5800/T110h-S Configuration Guide
Express5800/T110i-S Configuration Guide


DX Series 2000
Express5800/R120g-2E Rich Storage


4KB Sector Precautions

Sales Sheets

DX2000 Modular Server for Hadoop
High Availability for Access Control
Redundancy Solutions for Virtual SV9500

Solution Briefs

Benefits of Server Consolidation
Higher Performance Infra and Backup for Oracle Systems
NEC Teams with DTR Business Systems and Distribution One to Deliver Mission-Critical Infrastructure and Support
NEC and Milestone Video Surveillance Solution


NEC SDN Training For Engineers



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