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Express5800/A1080a (GX)

Express5800/A1080a (GX)

The ideal platform for enterprises using consolidation, database and line-of-business applications.

Representing the fifth generation of enterprise server architecture from NEC, this line of servers maintains NEC’s legacy for developing scalable enterprise servers that offer exceptional:


  • Configuration flexibility
  • Availability features

The Express 5800/A1080a (GX) line also provides organizations with superior performance that draws from the functionality offered by Intel’s Westmere-EX Xeon processor.  In fact, it consistently ranks at the top of the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s (TPC) performance rankings.

The Express 5800/A1080a (GX) offers these key benefits:


  • Flexibility and Scalability -- NEC's Express5800/A1080a series server can accommodate up to 2 TB of memory and 160 threads with modular in-box partitioning in an innovative single 7U chassis. This enables IT managers to scale and configure the server for memory-hungry virtualization solutions, compute intensive databases, or high-availability of mission-critical business applications.

  • Exceptional Performance – NEC’s Express5800/A1080a series server uses Intel's QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) technology, delivering database performance that is at least 200% above what previous servers provided.

  • Reduced Blade and Server Sprawl -- The Express5800/A1080a series server is especially suited for environments that are struggling to manage various server architectures or space constraints.  NEC’s innovative server-in-a-box approach offers IT managers the option of having a unified management environment on a common architecture...regardless of workload.

  • Lower costs -- NEC has designed the Express5800/A1080a series server to be less costly than two discrete servers. Advanced partitioning and power-cooling technology helps organizations reduce what they spend on power and rack space.

  • Simpler, more standardized management -- Combining Intel’s new architecture with NEC’s advanced RAS features, the Express5800/A1080a series server supports standard operating systems.  Exceptional availability and serviceability is achievable, with built-in service processors. Those processors work in conjunction with NEC’s BIOS and Intel’s Machine Check Architecture (MCA) to make it simpler to manage all server resources.

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