Eliminating deliberate and unintentional downtime


Recovery Protection

Providing exceptional high availability, affordability and operational simplicity through the use of fully redundant modular hardware featuring high-performance processors makes the NEC Express5800/R320e Fault Tolerant (FT) server ideal for enterprises seeking to manage downtime and protect mission-critical applications and environments.

The Express5800/R320e offers

  • Dual-sock capable modules.
  • 800 Watt (1 per module, 80 PLUS® Platinum certified) power supply.
  • 1300 VA / 1290 Watt maximum power consumption.
  • Delivers continuous availability for 99.999% system uptime (5 minutes of downtime per year).
  • Fully redundant modular hardware featuring 12-core Intel® Xeon® processors.

Advanced Features Include

  • Up to 512GB of high speed DDR4 memory.
  • Remote manageability with integrated EXPRESSSCOPE Engine 3.
  • Support for high ambient temperature operation up to 40℃ (104℉).
  • Transparent failover and system integrity with Intel' C612 chipset with GeminiEngine™ technology.


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