SDN Enabled Unified Communication Solution

Collaborate better using NEC ProgrammableFlow Controller and UNIVERGE 3C™ for Campus SDN Network

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Solution Advantages

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) architecture, based on NEC's ProgrammableFlow Controller, with UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications (U3C) solution, delivers simplified provisioning and dynamic, on demand, allocation of critical network resources. Using NEC's ProgrammableFlow SDN controller, with U3C, QOS control, dynamic bandwidth allocation and network policy enforcement is now possible.

SDN For Unified Communications

NEC ProgrammableFlow SDN controller automatically leverages UNIVERGE 3C call control information, supplied by the U3C SDM API and updates network policy on the fly (future functionality).

SDN For Unified Communications Call Control

Key Benefits

While network orchestration controls policy provisioning, SDN application media is rerouted through a separate path in the network based on link congestion (future functionality).

SDN For Unified Communications Rerouting

Priority Communication

Emergency broadcasts and notifications, such as 911 and nurse call in healthcare environments, need to be prioritized, dynamically, over lower priority network traffic. Dynamic allocation of network resources for critical communications is achieved by centralizing urgent communications control while establishing end to end SDNtraffic prioritization.

Disaster Recover

Unexpected situations may challenge enterprise network and business processes stability. Direct information flow between U3C and ProgrammableFlow controller enhance stability by providing a failover scenario in the SDN network as well as dynamic disaster recovery for unified communications environments through resource reallocation in a disaster recovery state.

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