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Express5800/FT Series

Express5800/FT Series

Fully redundant components and modular architecture run in lockstep for 99.999% uptime.

The high availability and continuous processing capabilities of NEC’s Express5800 fault tolerant (FT) servers make it a reliable platform for business critical applications. Server consolidation, virtualization and cluster environments built on NEC FT servers can realize a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and avoid the risk of downtime.


When paired with NEC’s M-Series storage arrays, Express5800 FT servers offer the large capacity, high availability and fast response required by database systems for production and sales management, electronic patient records and knowledge management.


Continuous availability. Fully redundant components (CPU, memory, motherboards, I/O, hard disk drives, and cooling fans) and modular architecture run in lockstep as one logical server.

Easy to deploy. Transparent features eliminate the need to modify middleware or applications to achieve fault tolerant functionality.

High performance and high scalability. Dual-socket fault tolerant server with the latest Intel® Xeon® processors.

Operational simplicity. Centralized remote management of the hardware and power supply is performed on a single-server view.

Lower TCO. Two servers integrated into one logical server require only one operating system or software license, reduce power consumption, and require less management time.


The hardware components of NEC’s Express5800 fault tolerant servers are replicated and modularized for full hardware redundancy. GeminiEngine™ is a chipset specially engineered for transparent failover and system integrity. Lockstep processing enables one module to continue processing without interruption or loss of data, while the fault in the other module is repaired. After replacement, the hot-swappable modules automatically synchronize and resume normal operations.



Express5800 Fault Tolerant Servers


Exceptional high availability, affordability, and operational simplicity through its fully redundant modular hardware design featuring high-performance processors.


FT Virtualization for Hyper-V
High availability platform for virtualization supports Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012 R2 Enterprise Hyper-V 2.0.


FT Virtualization for VMware
Reliable and scalable platform for virtualization supports VMware® vSphere 5.


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