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An integrated multimodal matching services for fingerprint, palmprint, face and iris

AIM X<sup>M</sup>

Accurate & Fast Assessment

NEC’s Advanced Identity Manager eXtensible Multimodal (AIM XM) provides integrated multimodal matching services for fingerprint, palmprint, face and iris. A commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution, AIM XM provides encoding, identification (1:N), verification (1:1) and multimodal fusion capabilities using the industry's most accurate and NIST validated matching algorithms.

AIM XM is a software matcher that is designed for deployment on diverse platforms and does not depend on proprietary hardware for its scalability or performance. It provides a platform to build a variety of biometric identification and secure credentialing solutions for federal and state and local law enforcement agencies. AIM XM is also extensively used to build solutions used by both enterprises and public safety communities to establish identities and prevent fraud.

AIM XM offers

  • COTS multimodal matching capabilities for processing fingerprint, palm, face, and iris with extensibility for additional modalities.
  • Integrated unimodal and multimodal fusion capability.
  • Multi-tenant and multi-client support for shared services applications.
  • Ability to create and perform targeted searches on multiple datasets.
  • High throughput and scalability to enable deployment on the cloud, COTS hardware and virtualized platforms.

Field Proven Solution

Proven capability to accurately match billion+ records, as well as multimodal processing of low quality images, enabling use in a wide range of law enforcement and public safety, as well as commercial applications.

Extensively used in law enforcement solutions for identity management and forensic investigation across the globe.

The world’s largest identity database uses NEC’s technology for multimodal identification.

Widely used by federal and civilian agencies to establish identities, prevent crime and reduce fraud.

Enabling Better Outcomes

With AIM XM business and government agencies enjoy faster performance and accurate identification while benefiting from enhanced security through rapid identification and authentication of individuals.


How can the AIM XM strengthen your security practices?

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