Effortless compliance data management with write-once, read many


Secure Oversight

HYDRAlock simplifies storage administration by ensuring the authenticity of critical data and by maintaining data's chain of custody by preventing accidental or intentional erasing or alternating of information.

The HYDRAlock offers

  • Enterprise and compliance modes of write-once, read many (WORM) administration.
  • Read-only file attributes that persist even after replication to a remote site.
  • By maintaining read-only attributes after replication, policy compliance is assured at remote sites.
  • Duration for read-only access specified on a per-file basis.
  • Once read-only duration ends, files and attributes, including deletions, can be administered normally.

Other Features Include

  • The ability to simultaneously maintain WORM and non-WORM data in same storage system.
  • Licensed per accelerator node enables HYDRAlock to be cost efficient based on only where required.
  • An alternative to WORM devices that have the potential of becoming obsolete.

Compliance Enabling

When integration with RepliGrid, HYDRAlock WAN-optimized replication assures policy compliance at disaster recovery site by maintaining read-only attributes of remote copies of WORM data.

Complies with regulations such as SEC Rule 17a-4, NASD 3010/3100, Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002 and the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Optional Capabilities

This software brings robust functionality across the entire HYDRAstor hardware product line.

This includes:
HS8-5000 - Scale-out global dedupliation backup storage
HS6-5000A - Scale-out grid storage for archive and long-term data
HS3-510 - Inline deduplication storage


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