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Software Assurance

Software Assurance is NEC's software subscription and support program, specially designed to complement your existing NEC software licenses and systems.

With Software Assurance, your NEC authorized representative can work with you to access future software versions and schedule upgrades whenever the needs of your business dictate. Because both software upgrades and technical support are included, it ensures your software deployments run smoothly, your business remains efficient, and you always have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your organization's communications solutions are stable, secure and up to date.


Software Assurance:

  • Protects your technology investment
  • Ensures that your software is always current
  • Supports the software lifecycle from planning, deployment, to operation and maintenance

Subscribe today and take full advantage of all that Software Assurance has to offer.

For questions regarding Software Assurance, please send an email to or contact your local NEC authorized representative.



Remote Engineering Support of Large Volume End-Users is a subscription program designed to provide you with direct access to NEC’s National Technical Training Center (NTAC) for engineering support, as well as complete software support coverage for your NEC platform software and applications through NEC’s Software Assurance. The RESOLVE Plus Program provides you:


  • Complete Software Support Coverage and Upgrades on Current Systems
  • Free Online Technical Training and Certifications
  • Personalized Service from a Dedicated NEC Representative
  • Priority Access to Support Service and Technical Resources
  • Web Conferences
  • Annual Conference at NEC in Irving, TX

The minimum requirement for RESOLVE Plus is a network of 10,000 end points. For questions regarding the RESOLVE Plus program, please send an email to or contact your local NEC authorized representative.


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