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Staying Agile

Whether it is supporting an adaptive work environment, supplying ready access to core systems or safeguarding the organization against vulnerabilities, new standards in user experiences, workplace practices and safety protocols makes dynamic and responsive network management an architectural priority. It is as much about efficiency, scalability, cost effectiveness and where possible an intregrated environment as it is about maintaining a secure and consistent experience regardless of workload being supported.

Staying Agile
Adaptability & Manageability

Adaptability & Manageability

Whether a complete migration or a corrective update, NEC's network solutions make staying relevant easier. Whether moving to and augmenting existing cloud services, protecting critical data, supporting core capabilities through lifecycle management, protecting carrier connectivity and software as well as system continuity, we can help simplify digital transformation and the evolving demands it places on network infrastructure.

Solutions That Support


Cloud Migration

Design, manage and streamline processes across the enterprise with a choice of cloud-based and cloud on-premises services and solutions that improve communications, user experiences, data protection and workspace management.


Lifecycle Management

Delivering control, performance and capabilities essential to supporting tech reliant work environments through cost, risk and response assessments and monitoring across core infrastructure, assets and apps.


Intelligent Call Routing

A carrier solution that solves critical telecommunications and accessibility issues with built-in out-dial and in-dial failover to circumvent problems that are the root cause of telecom downtime, outages and poor service quality.


Software Defined Networking

Enabling full network virtualization, providing the ability to deploy, control, monitor and managed secure multi-tenant network infrastructure while centralizing and streamlining network administration.


Software Recovery

Delivering basic asynchonrous data mirroring and automated application recovery to maintain the continuity of critical application systems essential for vital enterprise functions.

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