The Fan Experience

Fan Experience

Ensuring an enjoyable and secure event

Elevating The Experience

Public venues whether for sports or entertainment usually involve large open spaces and sizable crowds.
While promoting the safety of those that use and attend such facilities should be a top priority, elevating the experience on-site and off shouldn't be overlooked.

Besides facial recognition technology capable of fortifying site security, robust infrastructure that promotes easy and broader access to enhanced services and helps in improving staff coordination are fundamental in elevating the fan experience.

What NEC Delivers

NEC’s advanced solutions can help build comprehensive ecosystems for more engaging experiences among those that use, attend and work at public venues with technologies that deliver:

Enhanced Security
Situational awareness.
Fast remediation.
Prevention against recurring incidents.

Post Event Analysis
Regional or central analysis.
Optimal multi-faceted profiling.

ID Issuance
Theft prevention.
Identification assurance.
Access control and monitoring.

Facilities Operations
Behavior awareness.
Crowd density assessment.
Optimal resource allocation.

Elevating The Fan Experience

Explore how NEC's advanced facial recognition systems work to capture, assess and match fan facial profiles to personalize their experience and elevate event security.


How can the fan experience become more fulfilling with NEC technology?

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