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An Omnichannel Contact Center

On-Prem To The Cloud - Completely On Your Own Terms

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Stay On-Premises
Until You're Ready

Looking to maximize the effectiveness of your contact center but not ready for the cloud just yet. Modernize to a full-featured on-prem omnichannel contact center with the robust capabilities you need and want. One that can transition effortlessly to a private cloud experience in a single day when the time is right.

Improving Customer Interactions

An Alternative Approach

Don't feel pressured or pushed to the cloud.
Not for something as important as your contact center and customer experiences.

Let NEC and T-Metrics show you how to upgrade to an on-prem contact center that ends fragmented touchpoints. By modernizing to an advanced on-prem omnichannel contact center solution for amazing customer experiences.

It's a simple journey to exceptional customer support and responsiveness.

Explore How We Make It Possible

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The Advantages You'll Gain

Greater Accessibility

Greater Accessibility

Increase call agent responsiveness with effortless voice, web chat, email, video conferencing, social media and text interactions within one intuitive platform

Insight & Control

Maximize Control

180+ pre-set reports, agent scorecards, sentiment analysis, post surveys and performance analytics deliver maximum insight and oversight

Peace Of Mind

Peace Of Mind

Being FedRAMP and StateRAMP authorized means being confident in adhering to the demanding safety and security standards set by both programs

Investment Protection

Investment Protection

Compatible with most UC voice, CRM and ERP systems, it's modernization without having to possibly strip out existing tech stacks and prior investments

When The Time Comes

NEC and T-Metrics can provide the same robust on-prem contact center capabilities and seamless interactions within the cloud.
And it's possible in a single day ... without disruption, lost productivity or breaks in accessibility when you say you're ready.

Want To Know More

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Avoid A premature Cloud Migration

World's No. 1

Remain on-premises

Stay on-prem and in total control for as long as you want

Innovation Leader

Upgrade & Modernize

Effortlessly switch to an advanced on-premises omnichannel contact center platform

Ranked No. 1

Move To The Cloud

Quickly - when you're ready - be in the cloud within a day

Let Us Show You

We don't tell you when to make the move. That's your choice. We just set you up for success.
With a flexible and secure way of meeting customer expectations. With a robust and responsive omnichannel on-prem contact center solution.

One that's capable of going from on-premises to a private cloud experience when you say the time is right.

Need Results Fast?

Don't Trust Just Anybody Connect With Us Now

Need Results Fast?

Don't Trust Just Anybody Connect With Us Now